Let the spirit of rock-and-roll live on, breathing life to vintage guitars refurbished in a contemporary look. This unique Guitar Shelf transcends generations, mirroring your style with the combination of form and function. A true testament to how a single accent piece can make all the difference in the interior's atmosphere.

Poland based workshop

We take pride in our ability to transform old guitars into one-of-a-kind bars. Our team of seasoned artisans makes each piece entirely by hand, delivering extreme precision with a keen eye for detail. Just like good old whisky, our guitar bars are built to keep you company for years to come.

Guitar Shelf

Let the spirit of rock-and-roll live on

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The Power of Rock-and-Roll

At Sheveley, we believe that rock and roll will never die. That’s why we provide old guitars with a fresh life. Upcycled guitars keep more wastes out of our landfills, saving the world one step at a time through the power of rock-and-roll.